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Suffolk & Essex Hog Roast

The Jolly Meat Company offers a first class Hog Roast and Spit Roast catering service in and around Suffolk and Essex. If you are getting married, hosting a party or having a family get together and need to provide an impressive feast for your guests at a reasonable price, then The Jolly Meat Company is definitely for you.

We offer a complete range of Hog Roast and Spit Roast packages to suit any size party and budget. And the best bit is, as a high street butchers based in Suffolk you can rest assured you will be getting the highest quality meat for your Hog Roast or Spit Roast. 

The Hog Roast business has evolved throughout Suffolk & Essex over the past 5 years and as well as providing a delicious centerpiece for any occasion, we can offer a complete catering service, from additional side salads, to canapes, puddings, and even serving staff.   

Whilst Hog Roasts may be fantastic for larger events, if you are hosting a smaller party or gathering, then our Spit Roast options would be a great alternative to the larger Hog Roast packages. We have plenty of mouth watering options for you to consider. Please read more about our Spit Roast packages.

We have a range of popular Hog Roast and Spit Roast packages available, however we are always very happy to offer a bespoke package to suit your individual requirements. The prices on our website can give you a guide to help you start budgetting, but for a more tailored quote, please get in touch.